About Us

Pune has always been a city of learning, scholarship, values, enlightened thinking and action. The city today boasts of the presence of thought leaders from all walks of life be it art, culture, education, law, science, engineering, politics, trade, commerce, manufacturing industry, knowledge based services, and so on.

What this great city misses though is a meeting point for all such great minds, a place where, in an intellectually stimulating and peaceful environment, enlightened discussions and debates can be held about the future of this great city, of this great nation – and indeed the world.

Keeping this objective in mind, a meeting of several eminent personalities in Pune (including late B.G. Deshmukh, (Late) Mohan Dharia, etc.) was held on 24th October, 2010. There was an overwhelming support to the creation of Pune International Centre (PIC).

Over 300 eminent personalities from Pune have now joined as Founders of PIC. This includes 22 Founding Trustees, the others being Founding Members and Life Members.