PIC celebrated its first anniversary. The occasion was graced by the President, Centre for Policy Research, Dr. Pratap Bhanu Mehta. He delivered a lecture on ‘Statecraft and Governance in India’.

He highlighted the old governance system in India with its six tenets namely:

I) Vertical Accountability
II) Relative Secrecy
III) Wide Discretion
IV) Excessive Centralisation
V) Relative Fixed Political Economy
VI) Small State (Impact on Citizen Wellbeing)

He appealed for change in the governance platform. He emphasized that this governance revolution can succeed only with underlying revolution towards ‘liberal ideas’. Such new governance platform will have healthy balance between the Government and the Society and in turn of their expectation from each other.

On this first foundation day ceremony, Dr. Dileep Padgaonkar, Chairperson, Programme committee updated the attendees on the events conducted over the last year and plans for near future. Also, a presentation was delivered by Prof. Christopher Benninger, Hon. Trustee of PIC and a world renowned architect on the planned facilities for the proposed PIC Campus. The session was concluded by felicitation of PIC Members, who had received Padma Awards. They included Mr. Arun Firodia, Dr. S B Mujumdar, Dr. K H Sancheti & Ms. Anu Aga.