The day long conference started with Hon’ble Mr. M Hamid Ansari, The Vice President of India who addressed the gathering in presence of Hon’ble Shri C Vidyasagar Rao, Governor of Maharashtra and Hon’ble Shri Girish Bapat, Guardian Minister of Pune. The Vice President of India congratulated both Pune International Centre and National Innovation Foundation for pioneering this series of national conference on social innovation.

Shri Ansari said, Social Innovation was essential and was linked to ‘levels of harmony, freedom, stability and security prevailing in the society’. He emphasized that while economic progress is essential for survival and well being, it is neither a substitute nor the panacea for the social challenges that confront us.

He highlighted, Social Innovation impacts the society, but particularly the excluded, the needy, the remote and the by passed sections of our society as we race forward towards becoming a developed nation with economic indicators of scale, pace, size of our growth, innovation that leads to social and economic inclusion is going to be more and more important.

He said “I am particularly glad to see pioneering efforts of the organizers to provide a platform for conversations between the “support seekers” and those “seeking to support” as they are expected to lead to scaling up of some of the social innovations presented on this occasion and thereby accelerating the impact of such innovations”.

21 Social innovators from 8 states were the focus at PIC on 17th Nov 2015 on the occasion of ‘NCSI 2015’. In this third annual conference, the innovators focused on their innovations in the domains of Health, Education and Livelihood. From an IITian to a farmer we had significant diversity among the 21 presenters.

30+ CSR representatives from leading corporates including PIC corporate members were in the audience listening to these innovators and many of them demonstrated enthusiasm in the concluding session to take forward some of these initiatives in a manner that fits their respective corporate CSR guidelines.