Panel Discussion on ‘Dealing With climate Change – Why India should Lead’ chaired by Dr. Madhav Gadgil, eminent ecologist and PIC honorary member. The Key Note address was delivered by Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, Nobel Recipient on behalf of IPCC as its Chairman. Dr. Pachauri highlighted that in 2030, India could be spending approximately 20% of its GDP on import of coal and oil, unless we reduce our reliance on these energy resources.

According to him, the fatalities arising from natural disasters in developing countries between 1970-2008 were a whopping 95%. Having made a case for the need of India’s leadership to deal with climate change, Dr. Pachauri reiterated that India need not be worried about the impact of mitigation to the GDP. According to him, at the most, it would postpone the growth target projected for 2030 by a few months and that’s not a high price that we have to pay to avoid the effects of climate change.