Pune International Centre (PIC) marked its Second Foundation Day with an inspiring lecture by Mr. S Ramadorai.

Mr. S Ramadorai, Chairman of the National Skill Development Agency (NSDA) with the rank of Cabinet Ministe spoke on the topic of ‘Skilling the Nation: Time to Act’. He emphasised that skill development is a national purpose and Pune should lead the way. He also referred to the much debated Apprenticeship Act by stating that NDSA is amending this Act which is regarded by manufacturing companies as a major impediment in offering job-related training to young people.

‘’ The change may take a few months, but the suggestions given by the industry, the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), and the NSDA team are being incorporated and implemented’’ Mr. Ramadorai added.

On the status of working population in India, Mr. Ramadorai revealed that currently, only 7 percent of India’s working population is organised, and only 25 percent of engineers are employable. Today, big companies often complain of lack of skills among youth and that has to change. He added that private companies need to provide skills and certify their workers.
Stating examples of global practices, Mr. Ramadorai highlighted that most of the European countries believe in on-job training and offer apprenticeships and internships to students. This practice can also be carried forward by companies in a city like Pune, which is not only a hub of education but also of small scale industries.

On this occasion, Mr. Ramadorai kindly agreed to be a life member of PIC.