Improving India’s Competitiveness for Inclusive Growth

PIC was pleased to conduct a webinar in collaboration with CUTS International on the topic “Improving India’s Competitiveness for Inclusive Growth” on 14th July. This webinar saw the launch of a draft white paper by CUTS International on the same topic, which was released by Dr. Vijay Kelkar (Vice President, PIC). The panellists included Dr. Ajit Ranade (Chief Economist, Aditya Birla Group), Mr. Harsha Vardhan Singh (Chairman, Ikdhvaj Advisers LLP), Dr. Ajay Shah (Research Professor of Business, Jindal Global University) and Ms. Puja Mehra (Journalist). The discussion was moderated by Mr. Pradeep Mehta (Secretary General, CUTS International) who welcomed the audience and introduced the panellists.

The panellists highlighted several points that made the paper stand out. First, the efficient identification of priority issues such as centre-state cooperation, silo-based decision-making and policy implementation among others. Second, that it was a white paper that recommended implementable actions. Third, the identification of the vagueness of laws and their coerciveness given the government acting as authority over and not agent of the people. The discussion emphasised other points with regard to the influence of politics, trade, poor export growth and other factors on competitiveness in India as well as policy solutions to address these issues.

The discussion was followed by a round of questions and answers.