PIC Discussion on Recovering Learning Loss caused by Covid-19

On 14th September, educationists and scholars such as Mr. Nilesh Nimkar, Director, Quality Education Support Trust, (Quest); Dr Girish Bapat, Director, Jnana Prabodhini; and  Mr. Abhay Tilak, Hon. Director, Indian School of Political Economy (ISPE), participated in a discussion on ‘Recovering Learning Loss caused by Covid-19’.
This discussion highlighted the enormous loss suffered by schoolchildren during the Covid-19 pandemic. Mr Nimkar gave a detailed presentation on the research project undertaken by Quest in ashram schools in Nashik district. The research indicated considerable learning loss suffered by children during the periods when the schools were completely shut. The discontinuation of the mid-day meal programme also adversely affected the nutritional intake of poor students.
The academic performance of children declined significantly in skills such as complex comprehension readings and the ability to logically comprehend essays. The disadvantaged girl child suffered all the more with vulnerabilities in the form of early age marriage, underdeveloped physical state and poor nutritional intake.
As part of its research, Quest suggested interventions for recovering the learning losses suffered by children. The session saw a lively discussion with the other experts and a Q&A with the audience.