As per IMF, Asian economies would be larger than the rest of the world by 2020, and beyond China and India, countries like Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Vietnam are setting the pace. However, the governance of the global trading system is still OECD-centric. This conference would explore the challenges arising out of this as well as newer issues of data flows, platform companies, and standards in order to promote accelerated and sustainable global growth with more open and equitable international trading system.

The conference will see a scintillating line-up of 40+ distinguished speakers from Asian, European, and American countries and would be attended by Ministers, WTO contingent, representatives of various regional trading arrangements, industry, government, and policy leaders in addition to the leading promoters, CEOs/ CEOs/ CTOs who will join the conversation and will be having a stirring debate on issues that affect everyone.

Asia Economic Dialogue is a unique dialogue based in India where Asia gets together to talk trade, finance, and business opportunities. 

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