Why Social Innovation?

While all innovations that bring a dramatic disruption – convenience, cost, or service, are important, when they are created and / or also used to bring benefit to some of the most disadvantaged and marginal of our people, their impact is even bigger.

In a country like ours, where standard first-world innovations fail to scale for lack of infrastructure, less spending power, non-availability of the trained manpower, there is a massive need to invest in, and to develop, our own Innovation infrastructure that fosters product and services that fulfil unmet social and developmental needs on one hand, and foster job-creation and entrepreneurship on the other hand.

Why Social Innovation at PIC?

Back in 2012-13, when it was first discussed at PIC, there were many platforms that talked discussed various forms of innovation and assorted social issues – but separately. There were very few organisations who were working on the idea of using innovation to solve the social issues. There were even fewer – if not none – who were using this to feed it back into the policy analysis discourse.

This is where the idea of Social Innovation Centre in PIC was conceived to bridge this gap. The program that started with a single annual conference in 2013 and now has diversified into several programs and activities.

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