Policy Papers

PPP (Private-Public Partnership) for Health: Policy Recommendations to Government of Maharashtra

Towards India’s Innovation-Led Growth: Shaping the Future Roadmap

Science, Technology and Innovation: Policy Recommendations

Securing India’s Economic Growth (PDNS Conference Report 2023 – 1)

Enabling Waste-to-wealth and Circular Economy (A Playbook)

11th National Conference on Social Innovation 2023

Pathways to Progress: A Framework for Social Innovation Support in India

Clean Energy Conclave: Scaling Renewable Energy Smart Microgrids

Roundtable on Decarbonishing Real Estate Sector in Pune Region

52. Maximising Urban Carbon Sequestration Potential of Pune Metropolitan Region, Megha Phadkay, March 2023

51. Towards Enhancing the Global Competitiveness of Indian Industry: The Role of Global Value Chains, Dr. Chandrahas Deshpande, March 2024

50. Project Jal Mulya – Media Report 2024

49. Powering India’s Energy Self-Reliance by 2047

48. PIC Jal Mulya Interim Report April 2024

47. Outstanding Indian Achievers and Their Quest for an Atmanirbhar Bharat | By. Major General Nitin Gadkari (Retd)

46. Pakistan after General Elections: Options for India

45. Redesigning Urban Local Bodies for Climate Action

44. Rapid Decarbonization potential of Pune Metropolitan Region (PMR): Feasibility Report for a Net Carbon Neutral PMR

43. The Future of Mobility and Sustainability

42. Growth Pillars of the Economy – Agriculture, Industry and Services

41. The Seamless Interconnect of Science, Technology and Innovation

40. Strengthening Social Harmony in India for Rapid Economic Growth – Abhay Vaidya

39. India in the Climate Challenged World

38. Case Study on Women Social Innovators/ Entrepreneurs


36. Industry 4.O: A Roadmap for India’s Global Leadership

35. Study of Emerging Patterns of Social Enterprises – Dr. Vishal Gaikwad, Ms. Nupur Gandhe, Mr. Mandar Joshi and Ms. Kanak Jaiswal

34. Making GST Achieve its True Potential – Vijay Kelkar and Rahul Renavikar

33. Production Linked Incentive (PLI) Scheme: Evaluation and The Way Forward

32. A 2020 Vision of India’s Farm Market Reforms

31. Climate Economics Series: Paper 1

30. Strategic Patience and Flexible Policies: How India Can Rise to The China Challenge

29. Strengthening National Security through Cyber Security Clusters

28. “Semiconductor Ecosystem for India: Need for a Multi-pronged Strategy”

27. Energizing-Post-COVID-19-Economic-Recovery-in-Maharashtra-through-Policy-Reform (Marathi)

27. Energizing Post Covid-19 Economic Recovery in Maharashtra through Policy Reforms

26. Urbanization In Maharashtra – Policy for Reforms (Marathi)

25. Urbanization in Maharashtra: Proposal for Reforms

25. Towards Promoting Green Economic Recovery For Maharashtra

24. The GST Compensation Cess Problem

23. Release of ‘Making Pune Metropolitan Region Carbon Neutral by 2030 : A Policy Roadmap January 2020’ (Marathi)

23. Making Pune Metropolitan Region Carbon Neutral by 2030 : A Policy Roadmap January 2020

22. Nurturing Gifted Children

21. Institutional and Policy Reforms to Accelerate Agriculture Growth in Maharashtra (English)

21. Institutional and Policy Reforms to Accelerate Agriculture Growth in Maharashtra (Marathi)

20. Aftercare For Young Adult Orphans

19. Pathway to taking Pune to Carbon Neutrality by 2030

18. Progressive Maharashtra: Policy Road Map 2019-24 (Marathi)

18. Progressive Maharashtra : Policy Road Map 2019-24 (English)

17. Innovating India – Public Policy Agenda 2019-24

16. Governance and Effectiveness of NGOs – The Way Ahead

15. List in India: Towards FDI 2.0

14. REFORMING THE GST : Do we need the eWay bill? – V. Bhaskar and Vijay Kelkar

13. Reforming Integrated GST: Towards accelerating exports Policy Brief by Dr. V Bhaskar and Dr. Vijay Kelkar

12. Containing Black money – Possible Policy Mechanisms

11. Getting Connected – Trade Policy Brief

10. Pune-Maximum Solar City’ Policy Brief

9. Make in India- Success Stories -Lessons Learnt

8. E-Waste

7. Sanitation for All

6. Making Pune Smarter

5. Innovating India: The Roadmap 2014-19

4. Progressive Maharashtra Policy Road Map-2014-19 (English)

4. Progressive Maharashtra Policy Road Map 2014-19 (Marathi)

3. Ensuring Electricity for All

2. Energy & Environment Dilemma and its Impact on National Security

1. Towards Better Corporate Governance