पुणे संवाद गणेशोत्सव: नवी आव्हाने; नवी जबाबदारी

Leading Ganesh Mandals of Pune agreed on the need to make efforts to curb noise pollution during the annual Ganeshotsav celebrations and restore the grace of the popular festival. The representatives of various Ganesh Mandals came together at PIC’s Pune Samwad program in Marathi on August 26th to discuss ‘Ganeshotsav Celebrations: New Challenges, New Responsibilities.
Mahesh Suryavanshi, treasurer, Shrimant Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati Trust, Shrikant Shete president, Shri Kasba Ganpati Mandal, Shirish Mohite president, Seva Mitra Mandal Trust; Uday Jagtap, president, Adarsh Mitra Mandal, Dilip Giramkar president, Hind Tarun Mandal and Parag Thakur, secretary, Mehunpura Ganeshotsav Mandal participated in the event.
The discussion was conceived by the PIC Samwad team led by the trustee, Mr. Anil Supanekar, and convened by PIC’s member, Ms. Swati Raje. It was anchored by Mr. Sunil Mali, Resident Editor, of Pudhari newspaper.
The representatives of Ganesh Mandals discussed their social work and initiatives and also observed that with more than 8,000 Ganesh Mandals in Pune, the problem of noise pollution needed to address along with other concerns associated with the festival. This discussion was very well received by the members of the public presenting an opportunity to the PIC to take this initiative forward.