Ambassador Speaks : Brazil and its Neighbours:Security through Diplomacy

The fourth edition of the Ambassador Speaks series was addressed by His Excellency Mr. Andrea A. Correa do Lago, Ambassador of Brazil to India, who delivered a lecture on “Brazil and its Neighbours: Security through Diplomacy” on 12th May. Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar, President, PIC, warmly welcomed the Ambassador, highlighting the historical ties and bilateral significance of the India-Brazil relationship. Amb. Gautam Bambawale, Trustee, PIC, chaired the session.

H.E. Mr. do Lago began by noting that the complexity of the Latin American region is often underrated by the world at large. Brazil was instrumental in helping direct the region towards cooperation. He presented an insightful glimpse into Brazil’s colonial past and said that Brazil was a ‘child of diplomacy’ as all its borders with neighbouring countries were settled through agreements like the Treaty of Tordesillas and the Treaty of Madrid in the 18th century and later agreements in the post-colonial years. He cited South America as a shining example of geopolitical stability. This was due to the focus on dialogue, arbitration and diplomacy in the region and the continent.

His Excellency also touched upon the recent treaties with African, the Pacific Rim countries and Atlantic nations; the creation of nuclear-free zones and zones of reduced third-country military presence to keep South America a zone of peace and cooperation. The session concluded with an interesting Q and A exchange with the audience.

Please find the link to the video recording of this session: