Book Discussion on ‘Partitioned Freedom’ by Dr. Ram Madhav

On 17 December 2022, Dr. Ram Madhav, member of the National Executive RSS, author and columnist, participated in a discussion at the PIC on his book, ‘Partitioned Freedom’. Amb. Gautam Bambawale, trustee, PIC and the former High Commissioner to Pakistan and ex- Ambassador to China and Bhutan chaired the session.
Dr. Ram Madhav explained that while numerous books have been written on the tragic partition of India, he has undertaken a detailed examination of the factors that led to the partition of India on religious lines.
He explained the  first partition of India  in 1905 wherein the British Raj divided the Bengal Province into East and West Bengal was a failed attempt and had to be annulled in 2011. The entire nation and people from all communities rose against this partition. However, the next four decades saw the Divide and Rule politics of the British and a systematic mistrust and breakdown in the relations between the once secular and nationalist leader, Mohammed Ali Jinnah and the Congress. This was despite the best efforts of Mahatma Gandhi and finally, all the leaders saw partition as the only solution to end the horrific violence of the mid to late 1940s.
Dr Madhav stressed that India must learn from the lessons of history.
The session witnessed a lively round of Q&A.