Environment Day 2022 ”Launch Of India’s Youth Manifesto For Climate – Secure Future”


On the eve of World Environment Day, ‘India’s Youth Manifesto for a Climate-Secure Future’ (click here to read) prepared by team members from the Energy, Environment and Climate Change (EECC) research vertical was released ceremoniously at the Sumant Moolgaokar auditorium by Ms. Vandana Chavan, MP, Rajya Sabha.
Ms. Chavan, a former Mayor of Pune, visited the PIC office and discussed PIC’s Carbon Net Neutrality Project for the PMR Region. She applauded the initiative and later, during the event, urged the youth to engage with local municipal bodies to ensure that future projects are developed in an environmentally sustainable manner.
Prithviraj Lingayat, a member of Team EECC presented the Youth Manifesto and said that change in governance, policies and political will is of utmost importance for a climate-secure future. Pournima Agarkar, Secretary of the Indian Network on Ethics and Climate Change (INECC), and Tanmay Kanitkar, Co-Founder, of Parivartan, were the youth speakers at the event. Dr. Vijay Kelkar, Vice-President, PIC, and Prof. Amitav Mallik, Trustee, PIC & EECC Head participated in the discussions.