“Future of Globalization – Pause or Reset Mode?” by Lord Meghnad Desai

A discussion on the book “The Extraordinary Epoch of Nanasaheb Peshwa” was held with the author Dr. Uday Kulkarni in conversation with Mr. Amit Paranjape, Member, Pune International Centre and co-Founder (Pune Tech & ReliScore).

Dr. Uday Kulkarni said that while his books may seem like they are on Maratha history exclusively, there was hardly any part of India that did not feel the influence of the Maratha empire in that era. Additionally, while the books he has written are biographical in nature, they endeavour to cover the holistic environment of their specific periods.

He said that his effort was to moderate between a sympathetic view of Nanasaheb Peshwa, and an unbiased analysis of Nanasaheb as a ruler. He highlighted the revolutionary period during which this Peshwa found himself at the helm of affairs of the Maratha Empire, amidst the defining Anglo-French rivalry of that period. Amit Paranjape engaged the author in a lively discussion which also saw many questions from the audience.