National Conference on Social Innovation (NCSI) 2017

This year’s conference continued with the Urban, Tribal, and Rural while featuring several new innovation at the same time. This year saw us working even more closely with innovators to help them scale up and trying to provide a closer fit with various funding sources and requirements. The programme grew to 5 new states, received almost double the applications of the last year, saw 35+ leading CSR departments, impact investor participate in  the day-long conference.

For the innovators, the programme continued to Day 2, where they were given sessions on benefitting from CSR, on legal aspects of Social Enterprises, and the importance of book-keeping and quantitative data.

Launch of Mentor Programme

The gains of Day 2, were consolidated with the launch of a legal, tax and audit helpline that is be free to innovators. A Pune-based law firm that specialises in social enterprise structures has provided its services at a subsidised rate for this initiative. Simultaneously, mentorship programme, anchored by voluntary efforts of PIC members also started and of the 17 innovators who presented, 10 are part of this programme and are receiving mentorship, advice, and support to help them evolve, and grow.