PIC Adda Lecture on “How Technology Guided by Spirituality May Lead to Happiness”

On October 1st, Dr. Anil Rajvanshi, an eminent scholar in the renewable energy sector, and Director and Honorary Secretary, Nimbkar Agricultural Research Institute (NARI), was at Pune International Centre (PIC) to discuss his book, titled ‘How Technology Guided by Spirituality May Lead to Happiness’. 
This PIC ADDA event was moderated by Dr Sangeeta Kale, Professor in Physics, Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, Pune, and Member, PIC, Pune.
Dr. Rajvanshi in his lecture said happiness and sustainability can both be attained through spirituality and the wise use of technology, and as a result, they are related. Technology is the source of civilizations, and since technology now permeates every aspect of our life, it should be handled wisely. 
Technology that is spiritually led can bring happiness, and happiness comes from being at peace with oneself. The book has chapters that explain topics like how to have a powerful mind through meditation, the meaning of life, the art and science of happiness; why people are so fascinated with things, how human thought and gravity relate, and more. .
The session was enriched with a lively round of Q & A.