Pradeep Apte

Prof. Pradeep Apte is a distinguished professor at the Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, specializing in Agriculture, Water and Sanitation, International Economics and Public Finance. He currently serves as a Council Member of the Indian Council of Social Science Research, Ministry of Education, Government of India.
In addition to his research, Prof. Apte has played a crucial role in enhancing Maharashtra’s own revenue performance, as acknowledged by the World Bank. His expertise extends to analyzing employment trends in Maharashtra, and he has been involved in studying “Farmers Movements in Post-Independent India” under the auspices of the Central Government.
Prof. Apte’s notable accomplishments also include his contribution to the improvement of the Bombay Metropolitan Suburban System, as recognized by both the Central and State Governments. He has been member of Maharashtra’s Third State Finance Commission and the expert member of 13th Finance Commission, Government of India.
Prof Apte has been member of several government committees and advising bodies of Union Government of India and Government of Maharashtra. He is known for his writing in diverse subjects ‘“Dunkel Draft: Myth and Reality”, ‘NGOs and Farmers Movements’, ‘Wine Samhita’ a complete book on Wine and ‘Khadya Samskrutee’: ‘History of Food and Food Culture’.

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