June 2022

Global macro in 2022/2023
We are in new terrain, with four problems coming together
By Prof. Ajay Shah,
12 June, 2022, Business Standard
The significance of India’s relations with the Gulf nations, writes Ajit Ranade
India cannot afford to get isolated diplomatically since that will have real economic implications. This is for both geo-economic and geo-political reasons. India’s growth requires access to global export markets, and GCC is an important destination, for all sectors. The 90 billion dollars remittance income can easily reach 200 billion dollars, if the diaspora linkage is nurtured and enhanced
By Dr. Ajit Ranade,
13 June, 2022, The Free Press Journal
The social tug-of-war that inflation inevitably triggers
Surging prices call for tricky policy decisions on balancing divergent interests in ways that are fair
By Dr. Ajit Ranade,
15 June, 2022, Mint
March to free Dhaka
Former Western Army Commander Lt Gen SS Mehta (Retd), who commanded a tank squadron that rolled into Dhaka as a greenhorn, remembers the epic battles beyond the brief
By Lt. Gen. SS Mehta,
17 June, 2022, Business Standard