Mentoring to let go

The previous two blogs talked about our experience in the areas of on-boarding and mentoring (http://puneinternationalcentre.org/mentoring-social-innovators-towards-sustainability/, http://puneinternationalcentre.org/scale-and-sustain/ ). Mentoring at NCSI is a finite programme. The intense weekly calls during the on-boarding and mentoring phase of six months comes to an end. But a strong relationship continues and the mentee’s journey is not over. It evolves to …

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Scale and Sustain

In our first blog about Mentoring Social Innovators towards sustainability, we described how we on-board the innovators into the mentoring program and the pre-requisites for successful mentorship. This blog focuses on the ‘how’ and ‘what’ of mentoring to scale and sustain. The emphasis is on the mentoring and coaching part of the program and the key metrics …

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